Monday, October 31, 2011

Hawks v Preds: Period 2

9:19 - Craig, a chick in a bumblebee outfit did better on the shot contest than you did.  (This burn compliment of Lester the Molester, and brought to you by Soderbear)

9:18 - I'll admit, that weird wig on Kustok kinda does it for me.  I'd hate myself afterwards, but I'd do it.

9:17 - Well of COURSE Elvis scored.

9:09 - Dude did Hornquist just get suplexed?!

9:07 - I'm not even pissed about that one.  After it goes to 2-man advantage the goalie can take his mask off and go get a glass of water and I won't get pissed at him giving up a goal.

9:01 - The crowd has more Care Bears than the Hawks have shots on goal.  I hate my life.

8:59 - Crowd cam is showing girls texting.  Is this fucking Wrigley Field?

8:52 - Seriously everytime I talk shit about my team they do well.  That's at least half the reason I keep posting on here.

8:51 - Why is it that forechecks look like fivechecks against us.

8:40 - It's times like this that I lament my inability to string curse words together with the skill of Craig Colbrook.

8:36 - Okay Crawford just got hit, time to put John Scott in.

8:35 - I gotta give the Preds props for deciding they haven't hit enough Hawks and need to trip a ref too.  Everyone should taste the fury.

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