Monday, October 31, 2011

Blackhawks v Predators: 1st Period

8:23 - Sara Kustok's eyes are deader than most strippers I've met.

8:18 - Random aside.  Binny's just had a commercial where Ditka is discussing wine like a sommelier and the dude bros that were excited to see him get confused and disgusted by his effiminacy.  Hey Binny's, you do sell wine right?  Maybe you shouldn't insult one of your customer bases, ass-polyps.

8:11 - People should recognize Kane ALWAYS gets the five hole.  Right ladies?

8:11 - Cue up the fuckin' dagger bitches.

8:09 - Shit nice glove save Rinne.  I'd tap your pads for that one.

8:04 - I hate saying it but Crawford's looking really rattled out there.  Not saying Emery needs to go in but fuckin' A dude settle down.

8:01 - I actually feel better now that we're on penalty kill.

7:58 - I think the Preds had more shots during our power play than we did.  Guys, think back to High School.  It's better to get a shot off with something ugly than diddle the pills waiting on something pretty.


7:47 - I think the Hawks forgot which net we're trying to score on.  Or how to handle a pass.  Or both.
7:43 - I think these two penalties are the Preds feeling bad for us.

7:41 - The announcers are telling me the line-up is brought to me by Jack Daniels.  This is the first time that in game product placement has sounded good to me.  This hangover brought to you by Crawford's cock up.

7:40 - Where the fuck is Crawford?  Fuck all guys you're already going empty net with 58 minutes left?!

7:39 - Jesus titty fucking Christ.

7:38 - I really wanted him to hit a falsetto at the end of the anthem.

7:36 - This might be the most pretentious rendition of the national anthem ever.  Even the veterans that got wheeled out there to manipulate our emotions look worried.

7:35 - Still no puck drop.  You lied to me Comcast Sportsnet.

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