Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hawks hate Danny

8:36 - Honestly i wouldn't want to sit in the sin bin seats.  You look like a zoo animal, you can't interact with the team, you can't interact with the other fans, and they camera comes in on you so much you can't scratch your balls.  What's the point?

8:31 - This is what I see whenever John Scott takes the ice:

8:15 - Seriously, the writers of Mighty Ducks 4 couldn't script a stupider goal than Bolland's.

8:13 - Danny introduced me to the expression "tripping over the finish line".  I'd like to introduce Bolland to the expression.

7:58 - Power Play coming up for the Hawks.  I'm still not convinced we don't play worse when we have a power play.  We are great on the break away and you don't get that when the other team turtle shells and ices everything.

7:51 - I love Crawford, but "Turco Rules!" might be my favorite Blackhawks story.

7:47 - One of my least favorite things about hockey is that your team can donkey punch themselves in the time it takes to hit "publish post".

7:46 - One of my favorite things about hockey is that when recording player stats, an assist is worth as much as a goal.

7:45 - That goal just shows why you put a shot on fucking goal and see what happens.  More of that this season, and less of the circle jerking we saw against Vancouver in the playoffs last year.

"7:42- Ben Walker's secret boyfriend, John Scott, is also in the line up. Next time you see Ben, ask him about that."
-> Better yet, buy a Scott jersey and wear it in front of Ben.


7:42 - Unfortunately, the BJs have on their scoring line the Hawks' inability to survive a forecheck.

7:41 - It's good to see that the BJs' own incompetence is in net for the 'Hawks tonite.  It already has a save.

7:36 - To the best of my knowledge, Columbus was built by Shoggoths using non-Euclidean geometry.  They shumble about there still, burning couches and begging for relevance.

7:32 - At some point I will have to put on my Halloween costume.  Watching hockey and blogging in leiderhosen.  Mikelow 1, Bucket List 792

7:30 - I don't know why, but watching the opening animation of a Blackhawk shooting on a faceless goalie, I halfway expected the goalie to block it.  Shattering the glove and, by implication the hand inside, actually kinda horrifies me.

7:25 - I want to see Harold and Kumar's Xmas movie more than I want to see the Aggies in the Big 12 title game.  Thankfully the former is more possible.

7:24 - Over/under 7:45 before Craig creates a new thread to get over on top of mine.  Cast your votes in the comments.

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  1. Woah, I didn't even know you did a thread! BECAUSE IT'S ALL ABOUT ME. I did new threads because single threads for entire games were looking cock-rottingly long. That's the new format- a thread for each half in football and basketball, each period in hockey. Some other bullshit in baseball, I dunno yet because WE FUCKING WON YOU GOLDEN-TOED BASTARDS, WE FUCKING WON!