Monday, October 31, 2011

Hawks v Preds: 3

10:13 - Rock you like a HURRI-KANE!  GET IT?!  Seriously I think one of the goddamn Care Bears in the crowd shoulda got first star.  But I'll fucking take the 2 points.

10:12 - That's one for the dagger, one for you to shove up your fucking dick hole!!!!!!!!

10:11 - YYYYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

10:03 - My prediction = Hawks score next, then Crawford own goals himself...with his dick.

10:03 - Rinne baby I didn't mean that, come back.  I'll control my temper.  I bought you flowers.  #occupystockholm


10:00 - I am blaming this game on gay marriage.

9:59 - THERE'S WALDO!!!!

9:58 - 6 minutes later I'm still not sure how much of that was Crawford's fault.  Shoulda stayed in butterfly longer but I think he was screened.  Because, you know, he cares about my analysis.

9:52 - Cue up the fucking dagger bitches.  I want Rinne to hear that shit in his nightmares.

9:49 - whenever I hear Frolik's name I think of Zoolander.

9:45 - That's how you get your head in the game.  Get it?  AAAAAAAAHHHHH Crawford saved that with his dick.

9:41 - All that being said, Rinne is making some amazing saves tonight.

9:41 - Remember what I said earlier about 2-man advantages?  The Hawks, and Hossa specifically, did not get the memo

9:40 - I love the slap from Tazer afterwards.  I hope they duel afterwards.

9:38 - Next stoppage the arena is going to play the fucking Mortal Kombat theme.  Is it glow stick night?

9:34 - I'm glad Kane decided "You know what, fuck this shit.  I'm tired of leading the team in points off assists alone.  Let me show you bung-knucklers how this shit gets done."

9:27 - Okay guys, time to stop sitting on your dicks.  Just tell yourselves that since Crawford has now given up his standard 3 goals he'll start playing like a real goalie.

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