Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blue Jackets @ Blackhawks Period 3: Will We Get a Winner?

9:23- The "Key to the Third Period" is to win one for the sick kid who dropped the puck tonight. Not to take anything away from the kid, he deserves the attention, but "win it for him" isn't really a strategy.

9:30- The ref negates another goal. Pat and Eddie say that's a good call, I say they're in on this bullshit. Can we win just one goddamn game against regulation? I mean, I know the Blue Jackets suck, but you don't get extra rules to even that out.

9:32- Stalberg scores on the 4-on-4, but it's probably just a matter of time before they wave that one off, too.

9:33- I hope on the next Hawks PK, the refs step in to be the fifth man for us, too.

9:38- Pat Foley promised to tell us the final decision of the officials when they come back from the commercial break. Well done, Pat. That's a LOST-caliber cliffhanger.

9:40- Enter Sandman is playing in the UC. Because in hockey, it's always 1995.

9:43- And now Pat and Eddie are explaining to us why Stalberg isn't that good a player. Which, fine, he's not, but he DID just score two goals in about 12 seconds. Can we maybe wait until his next fuck up at this point?

9:44- I'm just saying, I think everyone has a basic human right for a few minutes a day without having to suffer Sgt. Prickinstein and his Howlin' Commandos. Why don't you just let this be Stalberg's?

9:45- Now they're bitching how kids don't read the dictionary anymore, they go to the web. You know that what's on the web is just a dictionary, too, right? AND you can see titties!

9:51- ANOTHER Hawks goal is waved off. Though again, this one seems legit. Now I think the Blackhawks are just using these for back door time outs.

9:52- Patrick Kane likes the idea of "back door" anything, heh heh heh.

9:59- Now the Blue Jackets get a goal waved off! Where is this gonna end? If you gotta wave off every time the Blue Jackets don't score a goal, your arms are gonna get tired, dude.

10:07- Columbus pulled the goalie, but has put him back. I guess they're just not ready for kids.

10:15- Frolik gets an empty-netter, and soemone needs to do a mathmatical study of the viability of that play. With graphs and charts and solutions for X.

Game ends, 5-2 Hawks. I'm starting to see a pattern that they really turn it on in the 3rd- which is a welcomed change from last year, where they really shat all over everything in the third.

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