Sunday, October 23, 2011

Colby Watches Sports

I like to watch sports. I like to say dumb things about them while I'm watching them. And, if I'm particularly invested in a certain game, I freak out over it in ways that some* of my friends have called "mildly amusing, if I have absolutely nothing better to do."

*- One.

So I'm going to put some of those things on this blog, if only to quit polluting my friends'* Facebook and Twitter feed.

*-Friend. I've only got one.

I might also put other crap up here. I like thinking about the structure, economics, laws, and communities surrounding sports, too. So if I have anything particularly profound to say about that*, I'll put it up here, too.

*- I won't. But it'll be something I think is profound, and this is the fucking blogosphere, self-aggrandizement is the coin of the realm.

One more thing: I'll curse. Quite a bit. So watch out for that, ankle-fuckers.

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