Friday, February 24, 2012


Your collection of smart people bein' all smart about sports for this fine Friday afternoon.

1) Oh, look, Rob Neyer agrees with Federally Mandated Contraception Blogger Mike.

2) We do not cover MMA very much on this blog, so thank god for fans like Pinkstononfilm. He brings us an article on the MMA's own issues with player safety.

3)  Albert Pujols does not like the Angels referring to him as "El Homre". Dude, did you never go to junior high? Objecting to a nickname is the best way to make it stick.

4) I think I'm on solid ground in saying that, outside of the catcher position, baseball is the least physically threatening major sport. So, the fact that we can still see a number of big name players struggle to recover from injuries ought to show us that no sport gets to take it easy.

5) A bunch of my favorite baseball writers have a Kickstarter for a book about second tier baseball players- the guys who you loved as a kid, but realized as an adult weren't HoFers. If you've got some scratch, contribute.

What games are you watching this weekend?

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