Friday, February 10, 2012

Hawks v Sharks, Period the Second

10:38 - So I think Toews is going to get his helmet knocked off at least once per period.

10:42 - We are just getting beaten physically on both ends this game.

10:48 - Put the puck on net and good things happen.

10:53 - Thank God.  Freddy Kruger is my dream and their nightmare.

10:54 - Our play is up and my posts are down.  I really am motivated by catty bitchiness.

11:01 - The Ultimate Question:  Did someone put something in Crow's water, or the defense's?

11:06 - The fact that if not for a Hawks defenseman that last goal would not have happened says more about that goal than I ever could.  Way to sum up this road trip Olsen.

11:14 - Hey how about that...a new One Goal commercial remarking how Q used to be a defenseman.  Is that why we're the only team in the NHL that doesn't have a shut out?

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