Friday, February 24, 2012


Apparently, I know some folks who know some folks who know this guy, so I guess that's pretty cool. But more relevant to our interests is just how much this guy's website reflects one of my bugaboos.

I don't think I'm going out on much of a limb to say that we all have our favorite sports and teams. And the thing is, we want to watch...our favorite sports and teams. If you like college basketball, you don't want to watch the pros because it's "close enough". If you're a Raiders fan, you don't want to watch the Chiefs just because Fox or CBS thinks they've got the more interesting match-up that week. We want to watch what we want to watch.

And so, if you're fan of high school sports, that's what you want to watch. For a long time, that wasn't an option; no one really airs high school sports outside of the state championships, so you were stuck. But that's why this business model is so smart. It's not just recognizing that there's a market there, but it's giving the fans more choice on what sports and games they're going to watch. That's empowering, and the one thing sports fans desperately need right now is more power.

But it's also clearly enriching for the guys who figure that out, too. This guy is clearly doing quite well. Major League Baseball has seen its revenues skyrocket since it's incorporated streaming radio and television options. This is the one trend in sports I'm comfortable saying is the wave of the future; we're going to want more and more ability to decide for ourselves which game to watch. Eventually, we're going to get it.

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