Friday, February 10, 2012

Hawks v Sharks the Periodining

11:32 - 2 minutes in and there's a score.  It's like the reverse of the first period.  Let's hope that trend continues.

11:34 - Having made a big hit, Seabrook will now go back into his hole to wait out the next 6 weeks of winter.

11:36 - Goddamn that was a good save by Niemi.  Credit where it is due.

11:38 - Yes, winning fights doesn't = points, but it's nice to see some fucking fire in the belly of some players.

11:40 - On the other hand, it isn't nice to see your fucking goalie traipsing around behind the fucking net.

11:47 - I watch Niemi moving laterally across the net and just think...."man, even 5 year olds can skate better than Crow."

11:48 - And I'm basing that on going to Millenium Park and watching 5 year olds point and laugh at me as I fall and bust my ass.  Then they call me a fag n00b and mutter something anti-semitic.  Goddamn Halo.

11:50 - To be fair maybe Niemi should play with 2 gloves.  His puck handling couldn't be worse.

11:51 - Time for University of Illinois club rules/chants.  Less hockey more fighting!  Less hockey more fighting!

11:55 - Call me a homer/goalie apologizer, but why the fuck wasn't a d-man putting a goddamn body on that one?

12:02 - Belated joke on that last goal:  Rather than letting a forward set up a high tea and asking him if he wants one lump or two, GIVE HIM one lump or two!

12:07 - And there's the whistle.  I'm going to continue to wet mine.  Night folks!

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