Sunday, February 19, 2012

Let's End Today On a Positive Note

Over the weekend, a bunch of teams' pitchers and catchers reported to spring training. The rest are going to trickle in one by one over the next few days (here's a previous post with a URL to all the reporting dates). It's funny; baseball is played, in some professional capacity, for over seven months of the year. Literally, the majority of my life as a sports fan has been taken up by baseball. And I still miss it when it's gone. 

I think that of all the bullshit we fans have to put up with- the owners' greed, the leagues' disregard for the players' safety, the players' selfishness, the other teams' fans' tribalism, the pundits' bullshit- the entire concept of the offseason is the hardest to deal with. We all know why there has to be an offseason- the players just cannot go year round, and even if they could, that would just make the games meaningless- but understanding why it must be kind of just makes it more galling. 

So, goddamn am I glad to have baseball back.

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