Friday, March 30, 2012


Here's a collection of articles that might be smart, might be funny, might be both, might be neither, but definitely haven't given me enough gristle to write a whole post about.

1) Somewhere swirling around in my head is a post about "who owns fandom"- things like chants, nicknames, rituals, etc. I'm not there yet, so for now, read about how Jeremy Lin is trying to trademark "Linsanity". In a move that is equally timely, I'm going to invest in DVD players.

2) At least Tebow, as a former college athlete, is used to faceless behemoths arguing with each other over who gets to profit off of his name without really consulting him. Also, too: moneychanges, temple? Does any of that ring a bell?

3) We all agree that video game covers have supplanted the Wheaties box, right? Here's a list of all that pratfalls that creates.

4) Not that I've ranked too many of these, but clearly, the ATP has the best 404 error message page.

5) Probably be some more on this at a later date, but for now, rest assured that I have a Google Alert set for every time "Don Cherry" and "Wrong" are used in the same sentence. The substantive point here is that we don't really know how various rule changes will affect the "excitement" of the game.

6) As we approach the Stanley Cup Playoffs, you're going to need a quick, easy-to-read reference guide to who's won the Cup when. So, here.

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