Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tim Tebow Traded to the New York Jets

Will, this is going to be FASCINATING.

The Jets have a history of...shall we say...hedonistic quarterbacks. Guys marketed specifically for a big, open, cosmopolitan city. That's not Tim Tebow, although he is a quarterback with a strong personal brand.

Believe it or not (you probably won't) I have little interest in seeing Tebow humiliated or villified or made into a hypocrite. His "LOOKATME LOOKATME LOOKATME I'M EVER SO PIOUS!" brand of Christianity grates on my to...well...high heaven, but I don't want to see him brought low just because he believes in god differently than I do.

But I do want him challenged. I want to see him made to answer tough questions and consider evidence that contradicts his conclusions. I want to see him think through all of the ramifications of his very public strand of Christianity, and decide how much of that he's willing to live with.

Because here's the thing: I have no reason to think that he is a fundamentally mean or stupid man. Indeed, I think if he were confronted with some of the problems of his line of thinking- if he had to tell a rape victim to carry the fetus to term, or had to explain to a gay American why he should be accorded fewer rights than anyone else- he would rethink his positions. And if he does, well, he could become a powerful advocate for a kinder, more inclusive form of Christianity. But, up until now, I think that, as the home-schooled son of missionaries blessed with preternatural athletic gifts, he has been rather sheltered from confronting those things.

Well. That's sure going to end in the NYC media market.

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