Friday, March 2, 2012

Stepping In

So this happened.

Now, obviously (I hope) we can all agree that this is horrific.  But I honestly think part of the problem is that we all look at each other and say "oh, the league will penalize this appropriately."

Maybe we shouldn't wait or hope for that.  Maybe, MAYBE, we should look at this as support for lawsuits.  If I were an offensive player, and I received an injury, ANY injury, against the New Orleans Saints, I would be filing a case in federal court against the players, the coaches, and the ownership of that team.

In addition to any other specific claims, I would be making specific intentional and negligent tort claims via respondeat superior logic against the team.  Setting a bounty against opposing players isn't just barbaric, it is illegal.

Think about this.  What other field are you allowed to announce a 4 or 5 figure reward for someone physically injuring a rival of yours?  That doesn't happen, but we're supposed to look the other way because what, it's sports?  If anything we should be looking at this even harder because it's a GAME.  I can't imagine a more shameful curtain pulled aside absent Pete Rose betting on the game.

I don't expect careers to end over this, which is a travesty.  But our court system can, and should, consider this as added evidence to hit everyone involved where it most counts:  their wallets.  The fact that these people will finally realize they aren't above the law or common human decency should be a bonus.

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