Sunday, January 15, 2012


Tebus hath forsaken us.  Where is our Tebow now, God?

Honestly I'm not sure how to continue to exist in a world where there isn't a single professional football player remaining in the playoffs with belief in a higher power.  But God helps those that help themselves, so I will persevere, and I will read the sacred scriptures (or stats, whatevs), and I will find another plucky underdog that "all he does is (mostly) win".

Tebow as a starter this regular season:
Record:  7-4
Completion Percentage:  46.5
QB Rating:  72.9
TDs:  12
INTs: 6

Okay, so we need to find stats that meet or exceed that, right?  That's what we're talking about, isn't it?  On-field performance?  Our other two candidates:

Joe Flacco, regular season:
Record:  12-4
Completion Percentage:  57.6
QB Rating:  80.9
TDs:   20
INTs:  12

Alex Smith, regular season:
Record:  13-3
Completion Percentage:  61.3
QB Rating:  90.7
TDs:  17
INTs:  5

Here we go, two guys with better records, better accuracy, more TDs, and one with less interceptions.  I mean, I realize they may not have led as many come from behind victories where they single-handedly scored ALL of the winning points by themselves, but down the stretch they have actually performed better on the field and won more games, sometimes without the need for a come from behind victory because they played better football for the entire 60 minutes.  By any metric then we should happily embrace them as our new messiahs, and give them all of the acclaim and love we gave to Tebow...right?

I mean, that's why Tebow was such a star, right?  Because of his on-field play?  Because of his performance?  And if we love him for his performance we should love better performers even more...right?  I mean otherwise we'd have to admit we're totally hyping him up for some other reason, holding him up as an amazing player for something other than how he plays.  We'd never do that...right?

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