Thursday, July 19, 2012


Here's some stuff better writers than me put together so I don't have to.

1) Deadspin's got a new piece on goalline technology for soccer, a sport in desperate need of more objective measurements. Next, maybe the refs can carry stopwatches!

I keep promising something on soccer corruption; I'll get there someday. In the meantime, note how Deadspin very smartly points out that the new technology won't really solve the issue; scummy refs are gonna keep on scumming until we stop them.

(Also, Deadspin, for all its dick-and-fart joke glory, has definitely been on a more progressive bend lately. See here and here.)

2) Alyssa Rosenberg is one of my favorite bloggers- and now she's added a dedicated sports columnist. Check out Travis Waldron's piece on Oscar Pistorius. Are we really going to argue that not having legs is an unfair advantage?

3) NBC is putting out a new App for it's Olympic coverage, and since I spend so much time bitching about access to sports, it's nearly all I could want. Tethering it to specific cable services is a drag, though.

4) The NFL is softening it's blackout policy. Careful readers with nothing better to do will note that a very early post focused on this, so, y'know, we win.

5) I got some very nice comments to my Derek Boorgaard piece from Paul Busch, proprietor of It's Not Part of the Game. So, I checked out, and so should you. It's a pretty useful in-depth look at fighting in hockey- a subject that is actually huge, but that I just can't devote that much time to. But someone should, so I'm glad it's out there.

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