Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Well, That Was Dispiriting...

So, unfortunately, I had to bring out the banhammer on blog commenter...err..."Anonymous". I KNOW, I KNOW, I LIKED HIM, TOO! But the fact is, after 30 some posts back and forth in the Title IX thread (which will stay up forever, as a monument to douchebaggery), we weren't getting anywhere with each other, and then he ended up threatening a job that I don't even have, so it was clearly getting out of control. Millionaire Blog Matchmaker Mike thinks the guy crossed the line when he first called me an "Asshole", but I dunno, I kinda am an asshole, so who knows?

For the seven of you who regularly read this, comments are going to change a little. I don't like any restrictions on commenting. But I like that mindless sort of tribalism even less. So, you're going to need OpenIDs, and everything will go into moderation. Comments will be allowed liberally; the only x-factor is going to be when I have time to look at them. I'll figure out a better system later, maybe a new platform, I dunno, whoooooo cares, my dumb blog doesn't even have pictures half the time. I just wanted to put it all out there for transparency's sake.

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  1. My position is that disagreement, both with us and other commenters, is fine. Some profanity is also okay (we use it in our headline posts, so who are we to judge). Even some heckling is okay.

    But personal attacks and threats have no place in any sane, reasonable, civil discourse. I'm comfortable drawing a line at that point.