Friday, April 6, 2012


In honor of Baseball's Opening...Um, Week?...we're doing an All-Baseball Wind Sprints today. DEAL WITH IT.

1) Michael Kazin tells us that baseball is pretty much the most progressive major sport in America right now. I think he's got a point, but it's kind of a "tallest midget" contest.

2) Of course, the counterpoint is the minor leagues. Lily Rothman tells us about it.

3) Is the "retro" ballpark movement over? Mark Byrnes makes the case. I hope it's not "over", but I sure do hope every team no longer feels the need to build such a park. Architectural variety, FTW.

4) In my opinion, MLB has done the best job of adapting to new technology. Here's how they did it, by Chuck Salter. The more ways there are to watch the games, the better for fans.

5) Last year's series of commercials with Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski were big hits in the LFL Global Headquarters. If anything, spots with Ron Swanson and Chicago can only be better.

What's on deck for you guys?

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