Monday, April 30, 2012

Brandon McCarthy vs. The Kiss Cam: WHO YA GOT?

Bravo to Brandon McCarthy. it's not just that he's attacking homophobia, it's that he's doing it in such a nonchalant way- as if his opinion is so self-evidently right, it doesn't really need explanation. Of course, his opinion IS that right, but it's not like that matters to sports media culture. Indeed, I figure that in a Major League Baseball locker room, it still takes a little courage to voice that point of view.

On a similar note, I've always kinda figured that the culture wars will be over, with the good guys on top when the Kiss Cam can feature same sex couples without any real comment. I, for one, can't wait.

PS- As a former practitioner of the dark art of comedy, the thing that offends me most about this is the laziness of the GAY PANIC! joke. Yup, just like on Seinfeld- "I'm offended as a comedian!"

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