Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hawks v Panthers: period the first

6:42 - forecheck is looking good

6:44 - glad to see Tazer telling Kane he might get all the poon, but he won't get all the goals

6:49- for the record, Mayer just showed you all how to kick some ass.

6:51- I think he learned that style from Ben Walker trying to keep John Scott off the ice.

6;53- last time I saw Ed go thru someone like taxer just did he put a finger up their ass

6:54- is it bad I still get nervous when Crawford goes behind the net?

6:55- good save. #crawfordoccupiesmyheart

6:57- I have seen stronger one touches on my floor hockey team than that chip by brunette

7:00- I am always impressed with our passing but we get too cute sometimes

7:14- good period. Panthers lose 67% of games they are down after the first period.

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