Friday, August 24, 2012

Cold Comfort at Augusta

Augusta National Golf Club is finally allowing it's first two female members- South Carolina Financier (read: rich person) Darla Moore and former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. Undeniable good news, especially given what this blog has said on the subject before.

And yet...Condi Rice? Really? Her? Ugh. It's okay to feel shitty that the first woman to get this perk is so...undeserving of it.

Still, there's terrible people in every subset of humanity, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, creed, etc. But a step toward equality is a great and good thing, even if a terrible person ends up benefiting from it. Hell, there have been terrible men at Augusta for decades; why should terrible women be excluded? In some ways, we're not going to have true equality so long as only the most exceptional minorities get to move up in the world.

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