Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Green Fields of Chicago, Ctd.

President of the Red Power Ranger Fan Club Mike comments: "As long as there are quantifiable standards, I am fine with it being a marketing ploy. This is one of those vote with your wallet things. If being green nets you more fans and attendance, then both the team and the greens win, regardless of motivation."

And he's right. I'll even go one further- the very fact that teams now feel they need to use the promise of green stadiums, even as just a marketing ploy, is, in itself, a good thing. It means that the desire for sustainability has taken enough of a hold that a non-trivial number of people are voting with their wallets- and the owners are responding. It's even better that the environmental standards seem legit, but just the fact that teams want to convince us that they're green is a good thing.

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